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iTicoin - the transactional system, established to educate the people, mutual aid and development Crypto technology, including applications in various sectors such as finance, gaming, and more. With the rise of crypto casinos, iTicoin also enables secure and transparent transactions within the online gambling industry.
Some of the coins have been transferred to the network based on the waves platform in more detail here.

The world's first coín

We put in the coin the reverse effect of extraction, the coin is not extracted. iTicoin is scorched!!!

The star among stars

Beginning from stars Bitcoin Litecoin Peercoin - iTicoin He's got all the best and ' POS Coin similar based on the money named Freigeld.

From the beginnings

Network blockchain gives a lot of opportunities in his and we will train you to use them


Block7 min
Difficulty: each block
POSPoS 0% per year
minimum age PoS: 1 day
MatureMature: 100
Confirmations: 6\6
Bank-coinTotal coins used 32468.055492 iticoin
Minimum commission: 0.00001 iTi
Total coinsMoney supply 10000000 iTi
iTicoin sourceSource code github - ITI

Exchange iTi-BTC (CCEX Criptopia)